earthmother45 (earthmother45) wrote in glassworks,

A true labor of love . . .

This is one of the most involved, but also the most fun I think I’ve ever had creating stained glass windows in all my 22 years of working in glass.

This glass project was a huge part of my life for about three and a half months earlier this year. Each of the three windows is 24”x18”. I used some unusual and hard to find art glass and many different techniques throughout. They ended up in their new home in Seattle, WA, (shipped by air across country from Florida) and hung as a triptych in a long transom over sliding glass doors.




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That is so cute and very well done! I can see how involved it is.
Thank you!

I live in central Florida, too, but over on the west coast.
Nice! I love living here. :)
Absolutely stunning!!!!
Thank you so much!
I love the extra love put in with the round prisms and cut geodes in each panel! Amazing work!
Thank you very much for noticing.
Spectacular! You have a great sense of color and balance. How many pieces?
Thank you very much!
There are approximately 500 pieces total in the three windows.
I think that gives you a masters degree.